Happy Valentines Day Love You Candle

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Happy Valentines Day Love You Candle

Show someone you love them with our M.A.D Candle co. Valentine's Day candle line. They are made from a luxurious glossy white heavy based 12.5 oz glass jar with a cork lid that makes for a beautiful custom candle. Choose from our numerous essential oil fragrances that will fill your home with welcoming aromas!

  • Handmade Item
  • 50+ hours
  • Material: Glass, Metal or Recycled Cork Top
  • Wax Capacity (to fill line): 10 oz
  • Food Grade Soy Blended Wax, Cheery Wood Wick or Cotton Wick, Essential Fragrance Oils

All of our M.A D Candles are made with the highest quality of soy and food grade blended wax to create a candle that burns clean and long with the best possible scent throw that will fill your room with one of our numerous essential oil custom fragrances! Plus, we have modernized the traditional cotton wick by replacing it with the new advanced cherry wood wick, that is not only more appealing to the eye, but also gives you a crackling wood sound as it burns!

  • Chat with us if you would like to work up a custom designed quote, photo or logo jar candle!
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