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Kimber Trio Candle Set

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Kimber Trio - Candle Set of 3 - In this candle trio set you get 1 matte white candle, 1 matte pale pink candle + 1 matte grey candle. Choose one scent from the drop down menu for the set of 3 candles.

KIMBER Collection:

  • The simple lines and neutral yet trendy colors of the Kimber Collection make it a modern choice from our MAD Basics collection. Makes for a beautiful candle set and once your candle is finished burning you can simply clean it out and use your Kimber collection pots for floral vases. A true gift that keeps on giving!

Colors Available: White, Pale Pink + Grey

  • Small Pot Size: 3.25"x 2.75"The average burn time: 30 hours+

  • Average Burn Time: 30+ Hours
  • Premium sustainable soy blended food grade wax
  • ECO LUX Cotton Wick or Cherry Wood Wick
  • Hand-poured, potent high-grade blend of fragrance and essential oils balanced for safety and candle performance.

Made in the USA

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