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The husband and wife team, Ashley Morgan Penn & Blake Allen Penn work closely together to create new & unique designs that are market trending as well as one of a kind custom designs.  M.A.D Candle co. is the latest in the Penn Creations line of products.  All the candles are handmade locally in Dallas, TX and are made with the highest quality of soy and food grade blended wax to create a candle that burns clean and long with the best possible scent throw that will fill your room with one of our numerous essential oil custom fragrances! Plus, we have modernized the traditional cotton wick by replacing it with the new advanced cherry wood wick that not only is more appealing to the eye, but also gives you a crackling sound as it burns!

 M.A.D Penn family continually creates and designs custom products for customers and retailers.  If you are looking to wholesale any Penn Creation products or would like to discuss how Ashley & Blake can help get your new product to market.  Contact them at info@madcandleco.com

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