2022 NEW Custom M.A.D Candle co Essential Oil Fragrances

M.A.D Candle co creates high-quality fragrance oils + develops beautiful fragrances that are formulated specifically for use in candles, soap and body products. Our fragrances are all highly purified and are guaranteed to be free of phthalates, paraffin and UV inhibitors. Our fragrances are not tested on animals. We stock popular scents, new season trends, as well as our own M.A.D signature blends.

Essential oils are pure liquids containing aroma compounds that are removed from the seeds, flowers, leaves, roots, and stems or bark of plants through methods such as distillation, expression or extraction. These oils carry the distinctive essence, or scent, of the plant it was made from and are frequently used in perfumes, flavorings and medicines.

Listed below are our top selling custom M.A.D Candle co. fragrances and descriptions.  All fragrances can be used to create your custom candle, luxury room spray, perfume / cologne or lotion!

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If you are interested in creating your custom scent, please contact us at orders@madcandleco.com and we will work with you in creating your own personalized scent!

M.A.D Candle co Fragrance List


Mahogany Teakwood The luxurious scent of fine warm earthy woods blended with light scents of lavender and geranium notes.

Stress Relief Wipe out the stress! A wonderful blend of eucalyptus, rosemary, spearmint and refreshing lavender.

Lavender Apples + Oak A perfect accord of lavender, apples, and oak that makes you yearn for more. The earth tones of oak blend smoothly with the sweet apple and floral lavender.

Cabernet The sweet aroma of Cabernet red berries blended with wild green vines and rose nectar on a dry base of vanilla.

Chardonnay The unmistakable bouquet of a premium white wine is brought to life with notes of pineapple, bergamot, rose, lilies.

Sandalwood A rich, woody scent with sweet and warm tones.

Leather + Lace Leather + Vanilla = Compare to Cowboy Leather - This fragrance has a very strong scent of leather mixed with our warm, creamy vanilla creates a perfect leather & lace fragrance.

Strawberries & Champagne A tempting, fruity sweater fragrance. Indulge in a splash of wild strawberries and sparkling champagne.

Birthday Cake It can always be your birthday! Resembles a mouthwatering, moist vanilla cake topped with buttercream frosting.

Texas Rose A perfect fresh blend of subtle floral scents and light sweet teas. This scent smells just like a florist.

Coconut Lime Verbena An energizing fragrance that mixes classic sweet coconut scent with a hint of zesty lime.

Tuscan Tobacco Strong, powerful and fascinating scent that seduces the senses with its intensity. Fresh tobacco leaf- rich and masculine, but a scent appealing to women as well - a great neutral scent!

Moonlight Path A musky and earthy scent of woods enhanced topped with light florals.

Mexican Vanilla This is a very strong vanilla with some spice.

White Ginger An intoxicating blend of musk, citrus, and wood notes

Hibiscus A pretty and delicate floral scent of jasmine and fresh lilac with hints of light musk

White Nectarine + Pink Coral Fresh, bright nectarines with color to balance the sweet notes giving it a sugary surprise.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Warm vanilla mixed with tantalizing brown sugar.

Japanese Cherry Blossom This complex fragrance begins with fresh watery tones and hints of fruit, blended with woody tones of sandalwood, sheer oak and warm cedar. It's finished off with musk and sweetened with amber

Lilac Blossom A lovely mixture of florals - just like the lilac bush.

White Fig This citrus fruit has a clean and fresh scent.Our red hot cinnamon is the best cinnamon out there!

Lemon Verbena An invigorating scent that blends citrusy lemon with refreshing and woody eucalyptus leaves.

Dogwood A sweet and floral blend of violet and jasmine with hints of soft wood tone.

Amber Romance Romantic, light floral scents of jasmine and violet mix with woody amber.

Patchouli This is an earthy aroma of true herbal patchouli.

French Market A blend of gardenia and magnolia flowers- spicy undertones.

Love Spell The popular flirty fragrance blends together flowery cherry blossom and hydrangea with citrus and juicy peach.

Marseille Fig Native to southern France - softly fruity - scent of fresh summer figs.

Pomegranate A fresh and subtle scent of sweet, tart, and winey pomegranate blended with greenery tones.

Monkey Farts A very fruity blend of fresh bananas, juicy strawberry-kiwi, pineapple, and a dab of sweet vanilla.

Cool Water Men's Type Cool Water is fresh and sharp, simple and very masculine. Top notes include mint and green nuances, lavender, coriander and rosemary. The heart notes include geranium, Neroli, jasmine and sandalwood. The base note is composed of cedar wood, musk, amber and tobacco.

Pina Colado If you like getting caught in the rain - this fragrance is perfect for you! A refreshing blend of sweet pineapple juice, creamy coconut and rum that reminds you of vacation.

Clean Cotton The clean scent of freshly folded laundry with a touch of green floral tones and citrus.

Chocolate Truffle Rich scent of moist chocolate cake topped with sweet frosting and hints of coconut flakes.

Nagchampa A warm and woody scent with hints of light florals, spices, and musk.

Ocean Breeze The scent of crisp and watery ocean breeze enhanced with fresh fruits, soft florals.

Butt Naked Imagine yourself on an exotic island when you smell this tropical blend of fresh melon and sweet strawberries with juicy apples and pears and a hint of vanilla.

Café au Latté A rich scent of coffee beans blended with freshly roasted buttery hazelnuts, light hints of chocolate and creamy french vanilla..

Gardenia A pretty, delicate, and fresh aroma of the white Gardenia flower.

Sex On The Beach The sweet and fruity tropical drink blends pineapple and orange with touches of spice, vanilla and florals.

Bow Ties + Bourbon A clean and fresh masculine scent with citrus and woody top notes boosted by floral nuance middle notes and long lasting earthy, musky bottom notes.

Fresh Meadow Take yourself to summertime with the small of clean and green freshly mowed grass.

Eucalyptus Spearmint The relaxing scent of fresh eucalyptus blended with the cool and invigorating scent of spearmint.

Kumquat A sweet and tangy blend of juicy mandarin and pineapple. (Similar to CB Volcano Scent)

CK - One Type A clean and fresh blend of refreshing green tea with a hint of spice.

Lemon Grass Sage A light and fresh blend of citrusy lemon mixed with aromatic flowers and musk.

Chocolate Covered Cherries A delicious scent of ripe, sweet cherries covered in rich dark chocolate.

Amber Lavender A warm and light musk scents of amber blend with clean lavender for a comforting fragrance

Fig Tree A light floral and citrusy blend with hints of sweet coconut and musk. This scent is bright and sweet as a luscious aging tree.

Citronella A clean and refreshing scent of citrusy lemon mixed with wood tones.

Wild Rose + Oak Forward oak notes, but with a rose hint in the background.

Royal Wedding Floral but musky. A clean scent like young love.

White Orchid Orchids are fragrant flower- the white orchid has heavy, lush notes of jasmine and rose.

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