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Wooden wicks are an innovative alternative to traditional cotton wicks. An evolution from ancient candle technology, wooden wicks create a new standard in modern-day ambiance and illumination. Usable in a variety of decorative applications, candles using the wooden wick provide for a safer, cleaner burning, multi-sensory experience with improved capillary flow, inimitable visual ambiance and rare acoustic release. Captivating ambiance that reinvents the familiar through the progression of sight, sound and function – this is the essence of wooden wicks.


  • Exclusive and Innovative

  • OrganicNon-toxic and Eco-FriendlyWood sourced from FSC-certified mills

  • Unparalleled Customization

  • Our wicks have a fast burn pool formation for excellent hot throw

  • Wooden wick allows for quick and easy lighting

  • No smoking during burn cycle (when wooden wick sized properly)

  • Little to no afterglow

  • Requires no trimming

  • No mushrooming or carbon buildup with little debris

  • All rigid. No straightening of wick required

  • Clip keeps flame at safety height above candle bottom

  • Less overheating at end of life with wood candle wick clip

  • Wooden wicks create soft crackling sound when burning

  • Wood wicks grown and manufactured in the USA

  • Organic and Eco-friendlyWood sourced from FSC-certified mills

  • Multiple options for optimal performance

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