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NEW Innovative Custom Logo + Blank Private Label Metal Tin Candle Package…

8 oz Tin Candles - New, unique and innovative mini paint can type tin candles. They are available in 5 colors and made from seamless aluminum. Tins also includes a matching snap on lid. The perfect addition to your candle-making business and these elegant and unique candle tins make for great corporate gifts, promotional gifts, wedding favors, party favors and more!

Choose from 5 unique and innovative metal tin colors in our 8 oz tin candle vessel. You receive 12 candles per package in your choice of vessel color and scent. You can choose 3 scents per package of 12 candles. You will fall in love with our new luscious coconut wax blended with soy and vegetable wax to make an all natural and clean burning candle.

The essential oils we use within our fragrances are pure liquids containing aroma compounds that are removed from the seeds, flowers, leaves, roots, and stems or bark of plants through methods such as distillation, expression or extraction. These oils carry the distinctive essence, or scent, of the plant it was made from and are frequently used in perfumes, flavorings and medicines.

30+ Burn Hours to enjoy your favorite fragrance.


Our premium quality metal tin candle vessels Chic + Seamless for a modern style container with a smooth and seamless finish. 100% recyclable & eager to be converted into new things once your candle tin has finished burning. In fact, all of our packaging materials are recyclable. These tin candles come with your custom printed logo or design on your choice of custom label.

  • These tin candles come with your custom printed logo or design on your choice of custom label.

  • Each package of 12 individual candles are filled with 8 oz. of candle wax and your fragrance choice.

8 oz Luxury Metal Tin Details:

  • Size: 3" w x 2.75" h

  • Weight: 0.15 lbs

  • Suggested Wax Fill: 8 oz

  • Overflow Fill: 10 oz

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